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Working conditions

It is very hard to work with us. Those who write about their own “fast-learning” and “stress tolerance” cannot stand the first.

We have introduced and are actively using a diaphoretic system for the brain. Of the past test tasks, interviews and face control, after the trial period (from a month to three), no more than a third of applicants remain to work. But after a year they become real monsters.

We have no democracy, but no bosses. The only hierarchy present in the studio is professional. The team leader (manager) can make a remark to the designer only about the timing, but does not have the right to intervene in the design. The designer, accordingly, does not interfere in the professional activities of the manager, but can receive from the art director.

Correspondence Policy

To start a conversation, you need to talk about yourself and your achievements. True, we do not have the opportunity to answer everyone - we will contact only those whose proposals we are really interested in.

Unfortunately, we do not have and will not have a salary for a person who will answer all day "Thank you, but you do not suit us." Therefore, if there is no answer, then it will not be. If we answer, it will become clear what to do next.

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