Technology Engineering

for suppliers

The main principle of procurement is equal partnership as a company with high project activity and resource requirements, with its own participation in the development of counterparties and the expansion of their capabilities, as well as clear fulfillment of obligations in terms of volume, quality, timing and cost on the part of counterparties.


  • Efficiency - achieving an optimal procurement result: timely acquisition of material and technical resources, work and services of the required quantity, with an optimal ratio of quality and cost of procurement
  • Justice - ensuring equal and impartial treatment of potential counterparties
  • Competitiveness - conducting competitive procurement by comparing proposals against approved criteria and choosing the best one
  • Information transparency - the use of publicly available sources of information and modern technologies in procurement
  • Transparency - the application of common principles, the justification and documentation of decisions in the procurement process, the use of an internal monitoring system for their implementation

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